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Beth Kanter

In Loving Memory of My Mom, Ruth D. Kanter


My mother was born before the days of the Internet, social media, computers, and mobile phones and found technology a huge challenge - both frustrating and a little intimidating due to a lack of training and skills development.

Despite her lack of comfort using online tools, she was interested in anything that her children were involved with, even if it wasn't her cup of tea. She was proud of my accomplishments in the Nonprofit Technology field, including being a board member of NTEN, and that prompted her to learn about it.

She was also interested in nature, especially hiking, ocean conservation, and birding where her life list was over 600 birds. She had many other social causes that she supported throughout her life, including arts, social services, Jewish organizations, animal welfare, and healthcare. She was a generous and compassionate person and often helped people with fewer resources.

Professional development opportunities and learning are vital to sustaining the nonprofit sector, yet too often, the cost is out of reach for many.  NTEN believes that finances should not be a barrier for small organizations to be able to access the resources and connections that the Nonprofit Technology Conference offers, so every year it offers scholarships to those who might not otherwise be able to attend.

To honor her memory, I'm raising money for NTEN to offer diversity, local, and general scholarships for the 19NTC in Portland, Oregon.cleardot.gif

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